What is a Habitude?

A "habitude" is a combination of a "habit" (automatic reaction) and an
"attitude" (automatic thought or feeling).

Here's an example of a "Habitude" about Dogs:

"Pat grew up with a dog and loved playing with it. Now when she sees a
dog, her attitude is to be happy and her habit is to pet it.

However, Mike was bitten by a dog as a child. Now his attitude is that he
feels afraid when he sees a dog and his habit is to cross the street and
avoid it."

Here's an example of a "Habitude" about Money

Ryan's family encouraged him to save half of his allowance and cash
gifts. Now when he gets his paycheck or a bonus, his attitude is that he
should save part of it and his habit is that he has part of it automatically
deposited into an investment account.

On the other hand, Lacey's mother always took any cash gifts Lacey
received and never gave her money, even when she promised to pay
Lacey for doing chores. Now when Lacey gets money, her attitude is that
she fears it will be taken away from her, so her habit is to hide it from
her husband or spend it right away.

Some things to keep in mind are:

  • Everyone is a combination of Money Habitudes types and each one is good. There's no "perfect" combination.
  • Overusing or underusing any Habitude can be challenging.
  • Your Habitudes can change over time depending on circumstances or if you intentionally decide to change.
  • Many people will have one or two Habitudes that are dominant.
  • That means that when they get money, the first thought they will have is the message related to their dominant Habitude(s).
  • The most important thing to think and talk about is what your results mean to you.
  • Are you satisfied with your combination? If yes, that's great! If not, would you benefit from using one Habitude more or less?